Ways To Cure Dog Ear Infections

Nowadays dogs are becoming very popular and are found in many homesteads. Some people use the dogs as a pet that is they usually feel happy and comfortable while possessing them and other people use the dogs for security purpose. Ear infection is in recent days affecting dogs, and this infection makes them very uncomfortable and may end up with other complications or else lead to the death of the dogs. There are therefore several ways in which the dogs can be cured.


First and foremost as soon as the dog starts the irritation, they scratch the earflap which may lead to having more damage in the ear and can cause the ear to swell if it's not treated on time. The best way to identify that your ear mites in cats infection is by observing the ear as they tend to be red and swollen also you may find that the dog is frequently rubbing or scratching the ears than usual.  Therefore when you notice this signs with your dog, it's advisable that you immediately consult your veterinary this is so as to ensure that proper diagnosis is made to the dog and treatment as well to avoid the infection from getting to other complications. The veterinary will give the dog prescribed the right medication that is whether it is injection or oral. Other that what the veterinary has prescribed it is also good that you maintain home cleanliness to ensure that the dog's environment is always clean to prevent infection such as yeast infection and bacterial infections.


Herbal mixtures that contain mineral oil can also prevent the fungi and bacteria from spreading and will eventually heal the ear. Another way that you can use to cure the dog's ear infection is by giving the dog doses of vitamin c immediately the sign are noticed this is to reduce the inflammation inside the dog's ear. You may also use olive oil and put it onto the infected dog's ear canal this is so as to prevent further infection of the ear mites. If at all you are not knowledgeable on how this is done it's always good that you get your veterinary to do it for you.  To understand more about cat ear problem, visit http://nunyepedia.wikia.com/wiki/Ear_Problems_in_Cats:_Causes_and_Treatment.


Other medicines are also found over the counter such as the antibiotics and flea control treatment that should always be prescribed by your veterinary for your dog, and you should also be in a position to know the side effect that the medication has to your dog. It's, therefore advisable that you take the initiative to look after their dogs so as to make sure that they do not suffer from this ear infections in dogs.

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