Dr. Dog's Ear Oil: How to Deal With Dog Ear Infections

Ear infections are commonly experienced by dogs and most of them suffer from its painful effects sometime on their lifetime. The common signs indicative of ear infection among dogs are head shaking, rubbing and scratching of the affected ear. Sometimes redness, welling and abnormal odor from the ear are also observed in some situations. The common cause of ear infections among adult dogs are wither bacteria or yeast infections, and ear mites for puppies. A veterinarian can check the presence of ear infection by taking a sample from the affected ear and examining it under the lens of the microscope for identification of the direct microorganism that causes the problem.


It is important to clean the ear with a cleanser that is gentle to the ears to reduce pain, by filling the ear with a cleaning solution, placing cotton ball in appropriate size outside the opening of the ear canal, and massaging the base of the ear gently. The cotton ball serves as an absorber for excess cleansing solution, allowing the fluid to flow back and forth the ear canal, and to hold the debris that comes up. You may clean your dog's ear several times during the day until the cotton ball comes out in a fairly clean condition. For more info about dog ear infection, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otitis_externa_in_animals.


Once done with cleaning, allow the ear to dry for at least ten  minutes, and instill the prescribed ear medication. Avoid using Q-tip ear swabs as they can push the debris deeper into the ear canal, rupturing the eardrum, and also avoid using rubbing alcohol or other harsh solutions that may cause irritation to the inflamed ear's skin. Treatment duration depends on your dog's health, severity or extent of infection and any changes to the ear. In some instances, oral medication may be prescribed by your veterinarian,and follow-up visits are necessary to ensure evaluation is done to check any improvement or progress in the Dr Dogs Ear Oil treatment.


In most cases, ear infection develop when the dog's ear become moistened from grooming, bathing or swimming, that fosters microbial growth in the ear canal. Preventive action is by simply cleaning your dog's ear using appropriate cleansing solution and drying it properly. Dog ear oil preparations are also available to help dogs achieve a healthy and clean ears.It may also be caused by environmental factors such as dust mites, pollen, foo or molds and allergies, that allows overgrowth of microorganism like yeast and bacteria into the ear canal lining, learn more here!

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